The Rhode Island Magic’s goal is to help young men

improve their basketball skills in a fun and competitive

environment while also helping them develop lifelong

values both on and off the court.

AAU Club Code: WY6CC9

Magic Mixtapes

If you are interested in your own mixed tape, reach out to David Tedeschi at daat27@ and the RI Magic can create your very own mixed tape as well, which we will also be released on all 3 of our social media platforms.

10th Grade-Class of 2021     

1. Jason Anderson-

2. Jack Bennett-

3. Jacob Barriera-

4. Kyle Blanchard-

5. Matt Jumes-

6. Gary Kalmer-

7. Francisco Lopez-

8. Ben Proulx-

11th Grade-Class of 2020

1. Sebastian Basilio-

2. Noah Berg-

3. Ryan Bonneau-

4. Nate Carroll-

5. Chas Morgan-

6. Will Rywolt-

7. Justin Tedeschi-

12th Grade-Class of 2019

1. Dutchie Arroyo-

2. Colin Cameron-

3. Steve Goulet-

4. Kyle Haberle-

5. David Hanna-

6. Ben Silvia-