The Rhode Island Magic’s goal is to help young men

improve their basketball skills in a fun and competitive

environment while also helping them develop lifelong

values both on and off the court.

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Parent Testimonials

We truly believe the testimonials below, not just the quantity but the quality of them as well, speak to our program and the values we hold true; skill and character development in a fun, yet challenging environment.

Fall 2018



The RI Magic is the best run AAU program in the state.  My son’s coach, Kyle, did a great job pushing and helping the kids become better basketball players. The program does a great job to make sure the boys are placed on the right team and competing in the appropriate divisions in tournaments. The RI Magic’s website is very well organized and easy to navigate. When my son played for other AAU programs the communication was poor, so you never knew when and where the team would be competing in tournaments.  The RI Magic posts on their website at the start of the season all of the tournament their teams will be participating in, and the dates, so families can plan accordingly. Very glad we came over to the RI Magic!




Outstanding fall season for all the young men. Your coaching staff is dedicated and do an outstanding job teaching the fundamentals. This was my son’s first year playing with Magic family and it was everything he wanted and more. No nonsense ever with the Magic! Coach Blouin was a tremendous coach and always full of positivity to the kids and coaching them from the sideline to become better. Thus the Magic program has been a great place for my son JP to work on his game and have fun. Can’t wait for the spring! Thank you!


Good afternoon Coach,

We want to say thank you very much for taking Nick on the team this year.  Nick’s grown a great deal as a player thanks to your guidance not every coach has a good message and is also a good messenger, and we appreciate that in you and your coaches.  Nick’s come a long way and has a long way to go, but we couldn’t be happier with the decision we made over a year ago to have Nick try out for the Magic.  Thanks again and hope to see you soon. 


Ron and Mum


Summer 2018


Coach Norris did an awesome job last fall with his 7th grade team.  His style of teaching and coaching was just what Will needed to fall in love with the game and strive to get better. My wife and I loved the way he communicated with the boys in practice and in games.  I wanted to share the positive experience Will and we had last fall.


Joshua had a great experience this week and was so glad to participate in this clinic. When I “drilled” him (in a motherly way) about what went on each day he told me the drills were tough and challenging. He was glad since he really wants to get to the next level of skill. Previous summers he has been to basketball summer camps and they weren’t what he needed since it included beginners. Thank you to you and your coaches for a well spent week.


                                                                          Spring 2018

Hi Dave,

I just wanted to take a minute to reach out to you and express my thanks to you for allowing me to come aboard this year.   My time with the 9th grade team was an incredible experience.   I think that starts with your leadership at the top and runs throughout the organization.  Every person I came across in the organization offered a friendly smile and support whenever needed.  So thank you for running a first class program.  It is very noticeable.  

As a coach, I appreciate good basketball and good coaching when I see it.   When you look around, that is what you see in the Magic family.   Congratulations on supporting yourself with really good coaches and even better guys.  I hope to be back next spring.   

As a parent, all we can ask for is opportunity for our kids.  Your program provides that in spades.   Opportunities to learn, grow, and get better are there to be had.  Opportunity to compete and be noticed and recognized are also there to be had.   Thank you for providing these elements in your program.   Not only does it make for good players but more importantly it makes them great young men.   

Thanks again,
Jeff Paiva 

Hi Dave, 

Another outstanding spring season for all the young men.Your coaching staff is  dedicated and do an outstanding job teaching the fundamentals. I see many AAU programs good and bad in my coaching travels and yours is at the top always striving to do the right things. No nonsense ever with the Magic! Thus the Magic program has been a great place for my son Michael to work on his game and have fun. Thank you!

Rick Harris
CCRI Men's Basketball Coach

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for taking over the Gray and Black teams mid-season. It’s a big job to take on, especially when you have your own son playing in a different division. That said, my husband and I couldn’t be happier with you as a coach. You did a great job getting to know the players quickly, and coaching the team to its strengths. 

Our son Michael loved you as a coach. He definitely learned a lot, and he appreciated the discipline and intensity you brought to practices. Michael knows he has a lot to work on, but he always appreciates the feedback. Thanks so much again, and we hope to see you in the Fall and beyond. 

Mary and Sean McVeigh

Hello David,

My son, Ryan, played on Pat Greene’s team this spring.  This was our first time playing in an AAU organization.  To be honest, it was Pat that recommended your program.  Pat coached Ryan for the Barrington team in the Metrowest winter league for 4th graders.  I had heard a lot of different things about AAU.  I wanted to make sure that Ryan played in an organization that was well run and worth the money.  I can tell you that the RI Magic hit both marks.  I can see that the teams and programs are well run and the money was well spent.  Ryan played against very good competition, improved a lot and had fun.  It is with every intention that Ryan will return to the Magic in the spring of 2019.

I really liked the communication that you put forth about your program whether it was through twitter or email about upcoming camps and playing opportunities.  With Ryan being my oldest, this is my first time in understanding the landscape of all sports including AAU basketball.  The more information that I can get about a program and what they have to offer, the more that I am inclined to move forward. Thanks again for the opportunity.

Christian Rigamonti


Thank you for a great season.  This was our first time with Magic and Nathan enjoyed every minute of it.  We appreciate your dedication to the program and the sport. Have a great summer and we hope to be part of the Magic family next year.  

Thank you,

Lisa and Nathan Vanasse



We accept a roster spot with the Rhode Island Magic this spring. Your coaching staff has been phenomenal. The true investment they provide to their players is amazing. Coach Norris and Coach Coleman are true examples of all you want your son to have in a coach. They provide guidance, skills, sportsmanship, respect-could not ask for more. Looking forward to the season. There were so many really talented players at tryouts! Congratulations on building such an impressive program.


I wanted to reach out to say my son would have loved to try out for the spring team, however it is his last year for competitive lacrosse before he goes to the high school and had to pick one since they both have such a large commitment. We had such a phenomenal experience in the Fall with the Magic organization. Kudos to you and your staff for putting on such an amazing program. 

Thank you,


Fall 2017

Top of Form

Hey Dave,

Just wanted to compliment you on how you run the Magic program.  I believe you achieved your goals of teaching the game to be played the right way and with respect.  Your coaching staff definitely took an interest in working with all kids, especially on skill nights.  

My son Jordan definitely got better, again credit to your program, your coaches, and especially Ramon.  It wasn't about winning or losing with us, but being proud to be associated with your program.  We definitely will be back in the Spring and hope we make this a long-term relationship.

Thanks so much,
Lloyd Bochner

Dear Coach Norris,

We would like to thank you for being Andrew’s coach this season.  We appreciate the time and effort you put in to coaching the boys, both in basketball and in life skills.

Andrew has learned from you, not only how to become a better basketball player, but how to be a responsible teammate, and friend.  He has learned to advocate for himself, and how to hold himself, as well as his teammates, accountable.  We loved that the boys had a chat group, and would remind each other to be on time, to remember their uniforms and to call you if they are going to be late.  These are skills that will stay with the boys for a lifetime.  As parents we tend to do probably more than we should for our kids, and this even taught us to take a step back and let Andrew be responsible and to advocate for himself. 

We love that not a minute was ever wasted during practice, the team worked hard and they learned a lot of skills and plays to use during the games.  We want to thank you for being fair, and for recognizing what Andrew had to offer to the team during games.  We were so proud of him for talking to you about playing time, and he earnestly wanted to know what skills he could work on to become a better player. He is excited to be playing for his school team and CLCF, and he knows that the more he plays and practices the better he will be when the spring season starts.

It can’t be helped but we wish the season was longer, the boys were just starting to really get to know each other and to really play as a team.  We loved having Coach Josh last spring, but we hope that you will be coaching the team again-the relationships between the boys and with you were just starting to be built, and it seems that the team would only benefit from staying with the same coach each year.

We wish you a great season with your school team.  Thank you again for your time, commitment to the team, and for a great season. 


Sheri and Matt

Hi Rich, 

I want to just say thanks for coaching Nate and the 7th Blue team this Fall. I am grateful. 

In the past few years, Nate has bounced around from competitive soccer, lacrosse, and travel basketball. Last winter, he made the decision to concentrate on basketball. We looked into all the local AAU programs - and I am happy to say that I am glad we found the RI Magic program. From what I have witnessed and heard elsewhere, the Magic program looks to be the most structured and professional. The Magic program stands out from the others as trying to nurture the boys and prepare them for success. 

Nate has had many coaches in lots of sports. Your (and Josh Keys) method of coaching is definitely best for my son. Nate responds to your calm, professional, non-yelling communication style. This style makes my son work hard without being afraid to make a mistake. He believes you are a voice of experience and therefore wants to follow your instructions to help better his play and the team's play. 

Thanks again. 

Scott Collins

Hi Kyle,

Thank you for a great first season and AAU experience! Joe didn't want it to end! He really learned a lot and felt so comfortable with you and your original team right away! What a great bunch of boys! I am sure we will see you in the spring and now it is on to rec and travel basketball.

Thank you again!
Jen and Joe

Hi Dave,

My wife and I want to take a minute to recognize two exceptional coaches in your program, Henry Coleman and Rich Norris. We feel fortunate to have met them through the Magic program. Both possess exactly what you are looking for in a coach for your children: a great rapport with the boys, a true love of teaching the game, positive, direct, provide constructive criticism and last but not least, a strong focus on developing a complete player. We cannot say enough good things about them, and wanted to share our feedback with you.

Gary and Jenn

I would like to say Thank You for providing such a great program. From the enthusiastic coaching to the organized clinics, I was extremely impressed. My son Ethan's coach, Dean Brugnoli, was fantastic with the kids. It was Ethan's first time in the program and I didn't know what to expect. To say he was thrilled to go to the clinics, practices and games would be an understatement. We knew nobody coming in but felt welcome from the get go. He made new friends and at the end of one of the tourneys, as soon as we got in the car for the long ride home, turned to me and said "I really love playing for this team". Sold...that's what its all about. Thanks again for a wonderful experience. Can't wait for next year.

Cory Santerre

Logan enjoyed his time with the team and thinks very highly of you as a coach and is very excited you will be returning as 8th grade coach in the spring. Appreciate everything you did for the boys this season on and off the court.  I especially want to thank you for how you treated Logan during his injury....the get well card was very thoughtful and being able to hang with the team meant a lot to Logan and to me.  You're a class act in my book. 

Thanks again.




Thank you so much for coaching this fall season. Jack had a great experience with you as his coach and the Magic program. Jack learned so much from you.  We loved watching how you interacted with the boys. During games you were so encouraging to the team and never missed an opportunity to give positive praise. Thank you again for a wonderful experience for parents and players


Ellen Downing


I just wanted to send you a quick note about our son. I know you didn't coach him in the spring, but ever since then, I have seen dramatic changes in his ability to process things and without a doubt, he is a better basketball player. I just wanted to say thank you for being a good coach for him and being hard on him at times and giving him a chance to just make mistakes other times. He is a better player and kid because of it! Thank you.

Summer 2017

I just want to thank you for a great week of Magic camp-Andrew really enjoyed it- and he learned a lot. He was exhausted every day-which is a good sign! Having fun and working hard! The whole RI Magic organization had had a huge impact on Andrew. He loves basketball, and started playing only a couple of years ago, so he has had a lot to learn. Having the opportunity to work with so many great coaches and players has been a great experience. He has learned so much, and we see his confidence growing.


Spring 2017

I can't thank you enough for being the most amazing coach and role model for Matt and these boys. Not only did you teach them how to be better players but how to be respectful, hardworking and good people. You don't find that much these days so we feel extremely fortunate to have gotten to know you!! Thank you for giving your time to them-especially leaving your family to come down to Florida!! This was an amazing trip; one they will remember always. We will miss you!


This was John's first AAU experience.  I was sold at his first tryout, just on the culture that filled that gym.  It's not something I can quite put into words, but I immediately felt the Magic was a special organization.  The season that followed did not disappoint.  John was fortunate to play on a great team and against top competition for a fantastic coach in Mark Bonneau.  Thank you!  See you in the fall.
The Erickson's

This is Killian's first year playing for Magic.  We love the program and we love the way you coach. I wish we knew about AAU a long time ago, as this is the first time he's been on a real team with a coach that knows what he is doing.  He's learned more in a month with than Magic than all the years combined!  We love that you not only teach them basketball but how to be respectful, responsible young men.  I've already seen a change in his attitude while playing and we couldn't be happier.  He loves it, and is excited to go to practice each week. 

Thank you,
Sharon & Brian Harrington

First off, I just want to tell you that Rocco has had many coaches. You are the best we have seen. He is being coached by a talented, caring and knowledgeable individual.  It is very encouraging to see how you handle your players. We haven't seen a coach with your professionalism and classy coaching style anywhere.  You definitely have a gift with this sport and the players.  We don't worry about wins and losses, most important is how he progresses as a person and player and that is what you teach.  

He has expressed many times how much he enjoys playing on this team. We have seen him gain confidence, skills and commitment. Thank you very much for going above and beyond with him on and off the court. Taking the time to connect with your players is priceless. This is our first time being involved with AAU and it has by far exceeded our expectations.  

Thanks again Coach Norris, your the best!!!!! Go Magic🏀

Tribbie & Eddie

Robbie is a better player now than when he started and you coach in a way that fosters a love of the game.  We've had some bad coaches through the years, so I speak from experience.  Robbie nearly gave up on baseball after one such coach.  

Additionally, the care you have for these kids is apparent and the model you have created in the Magic organization strikes a wonderful balance.  Finally, your use of humor is wonderful.  That final drill last night where you were distracting the boys by gently poking their egos, was pitch perfect.  When I heard what you were doing I knew immediately what you were going to do to Robbie.  It was awesome!


We are looking forward to another great season and I just wanted to tell you that William loves playing for the RI Magic. My wife and I also think your program is fantastic. It is a great balance of fun and hard work while maintaining  competitive team play. Also, the coaches and the player families that we have met in our two plus years have all been great and there is a real sense of camaraderie and community within the organization. I just wanted to let you know that you should be proud of the program that you have created!

The Monast family

Thanks for all the work you did with Kristopher this season!  It was a great experience and has had a positive impact on his game.  I am happy to let you know he will be playing on the freshman team at Cranston West this basketball season and working hard to move up to the next level! Thanks.


Fall 2016

I just want to pass along some feedback about my son’s experience with the RI Magic AAU basketball program. We were new to the program in the spring of 2016 and did not know what to expect. After playing in the spring and then just finishing up the fall AAU season, we have seen such tremendous growth in our son. He has progressed so much, not only in his basketball skills but in his knowledge and understanding of the game, as well as his fitness level and intensity. I attribute all of that to the structure that the RI Magic provides. The skills sessions on Mondays are absolutely first class and have taken our son’s game to a whole new level. We were skeptical that he’d be able to keep up with the fast pace that some of the more experienced players at his age maintain but the positive reinforcement from all coaches at the skills sessions, not just his own,  really drove him to want to excel. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this program. They truly care about player development and they want the kids to develop a love for the game. Thank you to Dave and all of the coaches at the RI Magic for making this such a great experience.


Linda Hickey

We had a wonderful first experience with AAU.  Jason was an incredible coach and the boys improved so much from the first practice to the final game. Jason was always motivating and encouraging to the boys and even when the team was losing he always made sure they had a great time. Thanks again for a great season!



Thank you Coach Norris for your dedication and hard work this season.  You are an awesome coach, but also a great mentor to the boys! This was Trent’s first season with Magic and I must reiterate how impressed I was with how quickly the boys bonded and came together as a team.  They had great team chemistry on and off the court.  As a parent, it felt good to see the boys always supporting one another and exhibiting great sportsmanship.  This didn’t end with the players, either.  The team parents were cheering on and encouraging the successes of each player, as if they were their own son.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know these boys and their parents throughout the season. Trent grew so much as a player during this season.  This is truly a testament to your coaching and encouragement.  He is a much more confident player and his skills have noticeably improved.  Thank you so much for taking extra time with him outside of regular practices and for seeing his potential.  

The Carneys

Spring 2015

Want to thank you for a great spring season with the Magic. It was Gary's first time and he greatly enjoyed the experience and will be back in the fall. With your great coaching knowledge and passion he has learned a lot and we appreciate all you have done. Thank you.

The Kalmers

It was a great experience for us. Jack played on Henry Coleman’s 7th grade boys team and he was fantastic. As you may recall, Jack accepted his spot late because of conflicts with baseball and soccer this spring . Coach Coleman was very understanding and handled things great with Jack. He ended up making about ½ to 2/3rds of practices/tourneys and learned a ton. Coach Coleman was fantastic with the boys and very fair in how he handled a roster that increased to 11 as the season went on. I would highly recommend your program and Coach Coleman. Jack is going to try out for the fall team where is going to be able focus more on basketball and have fewer, if any, conflicts.

Chris Abadi

This was Luke's first year with the Magic.  Mark Bonneau is his coach and it was a wonderful season!  We are thrilled that Luke had the opportunity to play in the 5th grade team! We are looking forward to the next season!

Katie Bavier

Thank you RI Magic & especially coach Coleman for a fantastic experience this spring.  The skill sessions & the practices were terrific and really helped my son develop as a player.  From the top down, this club is well organized & run by great people, very impressed after finishing our 1st season with RI Magic.  


I have to tell you once again, Skyler loves this team, I haven't seen him this into the game, not just playing but always watching games and on the internet into how to improve his game. I can tell how excited he is for tourneys and being with all the boys, they seem to be bonding well, on and off the court. We do appreciate your time with him and the team, you go beyond just teaching the game. I have to say signing up for AAU, I was a little weary being he would come in as the new kid, but seeing him eager to learn and play and loving the game more than ever, I have to say thank you!  Wish we joined sooner!! 

Theresa Delgado

Our son has been a member of RI Magic with David Tedeschi, Jeff Kurbec and Richard Norris since the Spring of 2014.  Ryan’s basketball skills and level of play have come leaps and bounds since participating in RI Magic!  Ryan is growing into a disciplined, hard working, confident young man thanks to his experiences with the RI Magic Program.  Coach Tedeschi’s philosophy does not only apply to what Ryan does on the court, but how he carries himself in school, with friends, even his healthy diet!  Coach Tedeschi expects nothing less than 100% effort and dedication to team.  He has provided Ryan with experiences that will stay with him long after his basketball career is complete and he supports him unconditionally year round not only during basketball season.  Ryan’s Magic team has become his family, and ours as well.  RI Magic is the perfect balance of intensity, fun and teamwork.  Ryan has had opportunities to play in games and tournaments that have challenged him as a player and a person.  He is learning life lessons and we will be forever grateful for the opportunities Coach Tedeschi and the RI Magic program have given him.  I would encourage anyone who is looking for an amazing basketball and life experience for their child to enroll them in RI Magic Basketball today!

The Bonneau Family

Playing with the RI Magic has been the most developmental influence for our son Will as a basketball player.  More importantly, the Magic has been a terrific influence in his growth as a person. Coaches Tedeschi, Kurbec and Norris have taught Will how to be a better player and teammate, as well as the value of hard work and accountability.  He has made many new friends and strengthened existing friendships that he will have for life.  To say that he looks forward to practices and games would be an understatement, and the same holds true for the rest of our family.  In a time where players are jumping from program to program looking for individual accolades, the RI Magic stands apart as successful, team first organization. 

The Rywolt Family

Fall 2015

Lisa and I thank you for a terrific fall season of RI Magic basketball. This was Justin's and our first AAU basketball experience and certainly not our last. Following our last game yesterday, Justin was upset that the season was over. He thoroughly enjoyed playing with his teammates every weekend. It was clear that they had jelled as a team. I was very impressed with how you and the coaches created a "family" atmosphere" by including every team in the skills and scrimmages each practice night rather than separating the teams by grade, etc. Justin was fired up to practice every Monday and Thursday night. A special thank you to Coach Norris and Coach Coleman. Justin learned so much this fall about the game of basketball along with being a good teammate. I was impressed with their coaching style and their interactions with each player. It was clear that both have a love for coaching and interacting with young men. We look forward to future seasons of RI Magic basketball.

Thanks again.
Andy, Lisa and Justin Parsons

And what a terrific end to the season. The game on Sunday was wonderful - and the coaches were fabulous all season long. Thanks for this opportunity for Noah to join the Magic family. It was everything he (and we) hoped it would be.


Ramon you were awesome.  Thank you so much for coaching – Christian really enjoyed and grew as a player. We are looking forward to the spring. 

Mike Chase

Thank you very much! The Fuoroli family can’t speak enough to the expertise and dedication the coaches have and the values and skills they are passing on to the boys. Thanks!